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I've been through 2 auctions on their online platform where I was competitively bidding on a house.

Instance #1 - On the first one, I had the winning offer according to their website and received a phone call within about 5 mins of the expiration of offers. I was told that there were 3 investors offering and they would not honor my winning bid, instead I could text in my highest number to the gentleman who called me, needless to say I lost the bidding to an unknown party... inciting a bidding war and not upholding an offer their own website says I won.

Instance #2 - I apparently did not win the offer scenario on their website, however received a call about 10 mins later, saying I actually did win, they would follow up by after they presented the offer to the sellers... The next day after hearing nothing, I reach out to hear that I did not win the offer they told me I did win...

Sketchy as *** not doing biz with these folks - Stay Away

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same experience here! I have won 2 “auctions” (on one have screenshot showing I was highest bidder timestamped 52 min after bidding closed) and both times no response to my calls, one I never heard from them at all, the other I got an email an hour or so later after bidding closed that I was outbid. Sketchy Scammy rigged process??

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